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The Prince of Nothing - Prince DeGorgio's Log

February 23, 2013
 My sad pathetic life has no real meaning. I am constantly bullied and picked on by the most annoying guy in the Immobrine who also happens to be our leader. My mom kicked me out of the house because she didn't want to waste her money on me, and I live with a bunch of sweaty guys and my girlfriend, Kacey. I'm suprised she hasn't left me yet. I'm really whiny and I cry at least twice a day. Ain't much to tell. The rest of the Immobrinians, except Kacey and Sage, don't think I deserve to wear my badge. They think I am a terrible addition to the group. Veto has made them all believe that I'm the weakest of all of them. I am actually the strongest of all of them, but they wouldn't know. They never let him try. One of these days, I will show them all what I am capable of, and they will make ME the leader. I am not the little emo kid they think i am. I am much more. I just really hope they won't have to find out the hard way...

The Fire Starter - Veto Anito's Log

February 23, 2013
this is my first entry ever but i could really care less about grammar and shit. its not my thing. i usually dont have time for happy little diary entries because im too busy watching and over the immobrinians and not caring to care. fricken archer says i need to document something about my life or no ones gonna remember me when i die. well first of all im immortal so theres no way im fuckin dying anytime soon. and second of all i just dont want to. but if that sexy cat kacey says i should than i will and she did so i am. this is just an intro so im not going to tell you anything about my life in this post. maybe later. but rite now i have to get back to tending to the immobrine. derrek got his fucking foot stuck in a bucket again.

Keep Calm and Fly On- Stephano's Log

February 23, 2013
 In spoken words, I will not tell you my story. But on paper I will pour out my heart and sing to you the song of my life. For it is not right for me to over use my power of the voice, let alone use it at all. You can imagine how communication would be a problem for me, being a siren and all. This power, this curse I have been given deprives others of the freedom of choice, and I hate doing this to people. In my online log I, Stephano Moretti, will tell you the story of my life and more. I have been given the freedom to speak without sound, and I will use this wisely and to my best advantage. Oh, and I will try hard to translate. I am not very well at speaking the language of England. 

                                                                                                                                                    Stephano Moretti

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